Director, Mitchell Eades

Born in Albury, Samantha has spent the last 20 years building up her business empire. SED emerged six years ago to provide effortlessly crafted, emotive spaces for people to live, work and eat in. With over 18 years in the industry, Samantha and her team have led the transformation of numerous local and internationally acclaimed hospitality spaces from Melbourne to New York. Her vision to create hospitable, multi-sensory spaces around the finer details: touch, sound and smell’ is clear to see in all of her projects, including the recently opened Grill Americano in Melbourne.

An entrepreneur by nature, When she had her residential design practice, she thought it was a great idea to start importing Italian kitchens to Australia. Successfully launching Bontempi Cucine, later joining forces with luxury bathroom brand, Rogerseller. Along with SED, in 2014, Samantha founded The Stylesmiths, an online platform to democratize interior design with an hourly service available, making it approachable and accessible for the mass market.

Samantha always loves a challenge… taking herself off to NY to try and “crack a project” she landed her first one when she found herself at a radio station in a recording studio of rappers! Ask her for the full story….

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