Founder, Accessible Accommodation (The Accessible Group)

Kerry Williams is an entrepreneur, advocate, and a leading figure in the travel industry, dedicated to seamless travel opportunities for individuals with disabilities. While travelling with her late mother, who had Multiple Sclerosis, Kerry witnessed the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in finding suitable accommodations and participating in enriching experiences. Inspired by this, she set out to make a difference. As the founder of Accessible Accommodation and Accessible Experiences websites, she has revolutionised the way people with disabilities can search and book accommodation and experiences.

Through her groundbreaking Accessible Accommodation website, she connects people with disabilities to suitable accommodations through comprehensive information using a trademarked rating system, which also assists tourism operators in improving their accessible features to achieve an 80% plus occupancy.

Not only do Her team have lived experience of disabilities, but Kerry’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond her platforms, collaborating with advocacy organisations, tourism providers, and disability communities. Through her Accessibility Consulting Service, she assists businesses in adopting cost-effective accessibility measures, with her core belief that accessible accommodation can be beautiful and functional simultaneously. Through her comprehensive Tourism Inclusion Training course, Kerry equips businesses with the tools and knowledge to improve accessibility to achieve an 80% plus occupancy rate. Additionally, Kerry advocates for improvements in air travel, conducts curated tourism industry workshops, and is a contributing writer for AccomNews.

Kerry has earned numerous accolades, most recently, winning silver in the 2023 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards, winning gold in the 2023 Victorian Tourism Awards and Outstanding Contribution by an Individual, Hotel Management awards (winner- Innovative Collaboration), Telstra Best of Business Awards (Finalist 2023), Australian Tourism Awards (finalist 2024) and Women in Tourism – Entrepreneur of the year.

Looking ahead, Kerry continues to advocate for accessibility and expand internationally, envisioning a future where accessibility is integrated seamlessly into the tourism experience.

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