Founder & Chief Executive Officer, QCC Collection

With more than 25 years of hospitality experience Caspar brings a valuable, composed, and universal leadership style into the businesses he leads. AQ, and EQ are some of his strongest assets.

Caspar is change savvy, a driven team motivator, a mentor, and a strategic leader. He understands the “why” and ethos of business and his entrepreneurial drive ensures he makes positive and financial differences in the businesses he leads. Caspar thrives in challenging environments, he continues his constant ongoing studies and network to stay agile, diverse and on the forefront of hospitality. Strategising, supporting, and leading in the process of accelerating growth is vital. He challenges the process, to analyse the markets we are in to find ways to increase revenues each year for the businesses. Revenue & Yield management is fundamental to leading any business and its part of his DNA.

Talent and team development is key, and Caspar have created and assembled very high calibre c-suite senior leadership teams in the industry with great success. His focus is on creating, aligning, and organising these elements of the organisation ensuring growth, awareness and transparency and ROI to investors.

Caspar is a hotel branding expert, he is a pre-opening specialist, who has several years’ experience in operating and leading all aspects of multi-million-dollar hotel portfolios around the world.

Caspar have launched and managed business hotels, apartment hotels, boutique hotels, co-working facilities, co-living concepts as well as sustainable eco retreats.

Having led hotel companies as COO and CEO in international markets and driven the expansion and development side of well-known Australian, Asian, and European groups with a focus on exceptional 5-star service, his expertise is extensive, and he is reviewed as a Global forward-thinking hospitality specialist.

In 2019 he founded and setup Boutique Hotel Management Company QCC Collection Group Pty Ltd, working with several different investors on projects around the globe and have recently launched his sustainable brand Motif Retreats into the Australian market. The brand focusses on ultra-local sustainable materials, with modular construction as a pivotal part to the roll out into regional areas. Our advantage is that our Sydney facility enables us to produce up to 40 modules per month, utilising cutting-edge DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) techniques. This process results in high-quality, sustainable, cost-effective projects that are delivered with speed and efficiency built locally.

The procedure is set to redefine industry standards and deliver fast, Australian made hotel, retreat, and accommodation projects with some of the most efficient timelines currently available in the market. Caspar sits on several hospitality advisory boards and spends a lot of time on mentoring and continuously pushing the boundaries for education in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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